Our Team

If you are at St. Joseph’s and want to meet our team in person, be sure to stop by our Donations Office by the Second Cup in Room 1M136, or come up to the 5th floor of the Sunnyside Building. Our main line is 416-530-6704 or you can send us mail at 30 The Queensway, Toronto ON, M6R 1B5. You can reach us by individually, or send an email to [email protected]. Great to meet you!

Maria Dyck
[email protected]

Paul Bauman
Director of Community Engagement
416-530-6486 ext. 4744
[email protected]

Ellen Bayley
Development Officer
416-530-6486 ext. 3972
[email protected]

Joyce Colwill
Senior Administrative Officer
416-530-6486 ext. 3705
[email protected]

Monika Dudek
Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the President
[email protected]

Cindy Eveline
Director of Finance
416 530 6486 ext. 4327
[email protected]

Andrew Finn
Vice President, Development
416-530-6486 ext. 6390
[email protected]

Janet Gunn
Director of Communications
416-530-6486 ext. 4248
[email protected]

Rebecca Joy
Special Events Coordinator
416-530-6486 ext. 4053
[email protected]

Jessica Ladouceur
Assistant Administrative Officer
416-530-6486 ext. 3743
[email protected]

Megan O'Hearn
Manager of Corporate Partnerships & Events
416 530 6486 ext. 3232
[email protected]

Daria Olynyk
Community Giving Officer
416.530.6486 ext. 3859
[email protected]

Kathy Richmond
Community Campaign Officer
416-530-6486 ext. 3563
[email protected]

Steve Southon
Communications Coordinator
416-530-6486 ext. 3496
[email protected]

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