Emergency Care at St. Joseph’s Health Centre

The Emergency Department is a hospital’s front door and is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Emergency doctors and nurses are specially trained to care for patients of all ages and everything from broken bones to life-threatening conditions.

Last year, St. Joseph’s had more than 100,000 visits to Emergency, making it one of the most trusted and busiest emergency departments in the province. Yet, St. Joe’s Emergency was built to treat only 60,000 visits annually when our community was much smaller. Today, now that the west end has more than 500,000 people, our doctors and staff are providing care to more patients than we currently have space for.

The new Emergency has adopted new innovations like Super Track, a patient-focused method of delivering emergency care, as well as plans to transform current spaced like our Kids’ Emergency and Mental Health Emergency Services Unit.

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