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Our Emergency Department is our front door. Our highly specialized healthcare team provides critical care to babies, children, adults and seniors around the clock. We also look after our community’s vulnerable inner city populations: the homeless, people with mental illness and addictions. With more than 100,000 visits annually, we need to redesign this essential service for our community.

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Mental Health Emergency Services Unit

Our west-end community has the largest concentration of people suffering with mental illness in Toronto. Last year, our outpatient mental health services team treated over 50,000 adults, and about 6,500 men, women and children sought help due to a mental health or addiction issue through Emergency. This is why St. Joseph’s has a dedicated space called the Mental Health Emergency Services Unit, which is a critical priority.

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Oncology Clinic

Our team of highly trained and skilled oncologist and staff are known in the community for their compassion in helping our patients on their cancer journey. St. Joseph’s has a dedicated Oncology Clinic, a one-stop centre for everything from screening and diagnosis to treatment and support for patients and their families. Last year, this busy clinic had more than 9,000 visits, 3,500 of them for chemotherapy.
As more people in our west-end look to St. Joe’s for expert cancer care and compassionate support, it is our promise to expand the Oncology Clinic so our teams can help more patients at every stage of their journey.

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Patient and Family Spaces

Being in a hospital is difficult. Families struggle to find a place to share special moments with loved ones. St. Joseph’s has two lounges and waiting areas in need of renovation, as well as gardens that people can now also use to have time with family and friends. These areas are in need of some TLC. Part of our promise is to give our patients and their families the best experience possible while they are at St. Joseph’s. This means modernizing our current patient and family spaces to offer a comforting place in a time of difficulty.

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The Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre

An increasing number of people in our west-end community need dialysis care. Many of our neighbours come to St. Joe’s over 150 times each year, for up to four hours at a time, for dialysis in a unit originally built for six, but is treating 12 at the same time. With your support, this will change.

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Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

Your gift to St. Joseph's Health Centre makes a wonderful difference in ensuring great care is here for our west-end neighbours. It's important your contribution is recognized in a way that is appropriate and feels special for you. There are several naming opportunities available at St. Joseph's Health Centre.

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