Specialized Care For Our Community

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Centre of Excellence Community Care Centre

At St. Joseph’s, we have a team of knowledgeable and caring staff who work with our partners to assess, diagnose and treat patients who are referred for a variety of reasons. Our Centre of Excellence in Speciality Care will bring our outpatients clinics and services together for the 262,000 individuals who have appointment based ambulatory last year. This Centre will also focus on seniors, so they can get the care and support they need to stay healthy and independent.

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Minor Surgery and Procedure Centre

Last year, St. Joseph’s performed more than 25,000 surgeries and interventional procedures. And not every surgery needs to be done in the main operating room. Now, with the help of our community, we will have a dedicated centre for people who need minor surgery and procedures that can be done in one day.

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Learning and Innovation Centre

St. Joe’s is building dedicated to Learning, Innovation and Wellness Centre to give our more than 600 medical students and 570 interprofessional practice students on-the-spot training.

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Centre for Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment

An estimated 9,500 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in Ontario. St. Joe’s is known as a leader in breast imaging, performing almost 3,000 mammograms every year. Every woman who turns to St. Joe’s for diagnosis and treatment requires very specialized care and support.

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Orthopaedic Services

St. Joseph’s Health Centre has one of the busiest fracture clinics in all of Ontario, seeing more than 20,000 people every year. Together, we’re making a promise to expand and consolidate our specialized orthopaedic services into one location to care for and support people who require care and treatment to keep them moving.

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Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

Your gift to St. Joseph's Health Centre makes a wonderful difference in ensuring great care is here for our west-end neighbours. It's important your contribution is recognized in a way that is appropriate and feels special for you. There are several naming opportunities available at St. Joseph's Health Centre.

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