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Brad’s Story

Brad says St. Joseph’s Health Centre gave him a new lease on life.

Brad spent three weeks visiting St. Joe’s Mental Health Outpatient Unit following his initial visit to the Mental Health Emergency Services Unit.

“Out of all the places I have sought mental health and addiction care, St. Joe’s is the one place that treats you like a human being. When people finally get the courage and pride to come and ask for help, it is a big step. From the very first day I came to St. Joe’s, a very broken man with my sister by my side, the doctors treated me like an individual, like I was a friend. People who suffer from mental health issues need that friendly face to start, and the rest follows.”

The need to revitalize and expand the Mental Health Emergency Services Unit is a cause Brad can attest to first-hand.

“Making the physical surroundings of the Mental Health Emergency Services Unit more warm, welcoming and secure is critical to recovery. It may be just one piece of the puzzle, but it is an important one.”

Now, three years clean and sober, Brad looks back at the weeks he spent at St. Joe’s and is thankful. “St. Joe’s is just really special, and more people need to know about it.”

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