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Campaign Projects

Aerial view of St. Joes

Your Emergency

St. Joseph’s Health Centre has the busiest Emergency Department (ED) in downtown Toronto. Every year St. Joe’s receives about 100,000 visits, but our ED was built to handle only 65,000. Your help is needed to rebuild, reconfigure and re-equip our Emergency so that you and your west-end neighbours receive that best emergency care possible.



Sad depressed woman suffering from insomnia, she is sitting in bed and touching her forehead

Mental Health Emergency Unit

You can help provide compassionate care for our community’s most vulnerable people. With support from our neighbours, St. Joseph’s will enlarge and modernize our Mental Health Emergency Services Unit to provide a more healing space for the 6,500 men, women and children who come to us when experiencing a mental health or addiction crisis.

The Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre

Imagine needing to go the hospital for life-saving treatment, twice a week, up to four hours at a time, for the rest of your life. This is the situation for many of the 900 patients who come to St. Joe’s for dialysis. Thanks to many generous donors, the bright and modern Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre will open late 2018.

Learning and Innovation

Learning and
Innovation Centre

St. Joseph’s is one of Canada’s leading community teaching hospitals. Every year, 1,300 students and residents choose to come here for real-world experience. With your support, we’ll replace our dated classrooms with a modern Learning and Innovation Centre to provide a better learning experience for doctors, staff, students and our community.

The Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation Centre 

Almost everyone knows a woman who has faced breast cancer. The process from screening to awaiting a diagnosis to getting treatment can be very stressful. Now thanks to donor support, women in our west-end community will receive their test results, see a specialist and leave with a treatment plan if they need one, all in one space designed to provide women a more calming – and faster experience.


Interventional radiology makes it possible for doctors and technicians to do minimally invasive procedures that historically required open surgery and lengthy hospital stays. Thanks to donors, St. Joe’s now has one Interventional Suite, but we need your help to equip a second so that more patients can benefit from same-day procedures

Day Surgery and Procedure Centre

Support from our west-end community will help St. Joe’s build a Day Surgery and Procedure Centre. We need this new Centre to better meet the heavy demands for minor surgery and to provide patients with faster care. The Centre will also free up valuable operating room time for patients that need complex or emergency surgeries.


Last year, St. Joe’s had more than 262,000 visits from people on an appointment basis. There are 29 speciality clinics at the Health Centre to help people who need regular care for asthma, diabetes, and conditions related to heart health, eye care or skin concerns. Support from our community will improve this clinic space to help our teams keep our community healthy.

patient and counselor

Lake House Palliative Care Centre

Soon patients at the end of life will have a beautiful new space with views over the lake where friends and family are welcomed. St. Joe’s new Palliative Care Centre will open in 2019 thanks to support from our generous donors.

Oncology Clinic


Cancer care at St. Joe’s is in high demand. We have a dedicated Oncology Clinic, a one-stop centre for everything from screening and diagnosis to treatment and support for patients and their families. Last year, our clinic had more than 9,000 visits, 3,500 of them for chemotherapy. Support from donors will help renovate our Oncology Clinic so we can see more patients in a much more comfortable environment. The waiting room has already been renovated thanks to donor support for the first phase of this project.

Portable X-Ray machine

Our radiologists and specialized technicians use technology to diagnose and stage cancer, find blockages and broken bones, diagnose stroke, and detect other conditions that can only be found by looking inside the body.

Last year, St. Joe’s performed more than 182,000 imaging procedures across eight areas of expertise, including X-ray. Just about everyone has had an x-ray at some point – it’s a vital piece of equipment. We need your help to purchase additional portable x-ray machines.

Exterior View



In health care, often ideas to improve patient care happen at the bedside. This is why St. Joe’s has a fund called IMAGINE IF. Now our care providers can identify small and medium-sized initiatives to make the experience better for our patients.

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