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Cheese Boutique Mental Health Promise Fund

Thousands of children, youth, adults and seniors turn to St. Joseph’s Health Centre in their darkest hours.  West Toronto has the highest concentration of mental illness in the City.  It’s reassuring to know St. Joe’s is just minutes away since this community hospital has one of the largest mental health programs in Toronto.  Their expert team cares for more than 70,000 men, women and children with mental illness and/or addictions annually.

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Mental health issues are too common in our society, and our family has personally been afflicted by its ravages. Cheese Boutique Mental Health Promise Fund is about caring for our community. This fund launches the Pristine family’s passionate commitment to address and help those individuals who need it when they need it the most.
Our fund strives to end a stigma and heal those who suffer. St. Joe’s has cared for our community’s most vulnerable populations for 100 years. Let’s work together to help our society move towards a sustainable environment.
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