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On Giving-Tuesday, you can help our most fragile babies.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre needs your help to buy vital equipment – equipment like a new transport incubator so that our most fragile babies can safely travel to the care they desperately need. The government doesn’t pay for this equipment, that’s why we’re reaching out to you on Giving-Tuesday.

Premature babies need to be handled with more care than full-term babies. Transport incubators maintain a constant temperature to keep babies warm. They also monitor vital signs and have an IV pump so that babies can travel safely – without stressing their tiny bodies that are already working so hard.

 Will you donate $20 or more today to help buy this critical equipment?


Yes, I can help

Donate on Giving-Tuesday and your donation will be matched! Roman Dubczak, the Chair of the Board for St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation, is matching all gifts up to $25,000.

Baby Marlowe needed to be transferred at 6 days old

Mom, newborn and son

Claire Binks with newborn Marlowe and son Crosby.

“I’m so thankful I acted as quickly as I did. At 31 weeks pregnant, I went to a downtown hospital because I couldn’t feel the baby moving as much. Tests showed that the baby was suffering from a fetal maternal hemorrhage that required an utero transfusion. The bleeding didn’t stop, so the doctors performed an emergency c- section. It was the most terrifying 24 hours of my life! My daughter Marlowe was just 3 pounds, 14 oz. when she was born. The doctors told me if I hadn’t gone in when I did, Marlowe wouldn’t have made it.

Immediately after her birth, I was a complete mess. I couldn’t see her until late the next day and it was so hard to be away from her. I cried every time I saw her that first week. It took four days before I could even hold her. It was all very surreal. It was like I was visiting someone else’s baby. It was so hard to not have control of her care.

At six days old, Marlowe was deemed strong enough to go to St. Joseph’s Health Centre where they have a Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Because she was still so tiny and delicate, she was transferred in a special incubator via ambulance.

It was hard to be home without my baby. I had no idea when she would be discharged and I just wanted her home with us.  It took a bit of time but I finally got into a groove. I was with Marlowe every day from about 9 am -5 pm. I was able to feed her, hold her and bathe her which was great. I knew that when I left her, she was in great hands with the NICU nurses.

The nurses and doctors were amazing. They were so good at explaining what was happening and how Marlowe was doing. When I was upset they would comfort me. We were lucky that Marlowe was healthy. She just needed to gain weight and learn to feed. So while I was there with her, the nurses let me have my time with her and encouraged me to be the primary care person. It was scary at first picking her up on my own but after a few days, I was a pro!

We are so appreciative for the care we received at St. Joe’s. Even my son who recently turned five and adores his little sister wanted to show his thanks. He chose St. Joe’s as the charity for his EchoAge birthday. It’s just one of the ways we’re saying thanks.”

Claire Binks


Giving-Tuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Black Friday. This year, Giving Tuesday is November 27. Giving Tuesday unites communities by sharing our capacity to care for and empower one another.


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