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A promise is one of the most important commitments we make. We do our best to keep our promises.

No matter what.

St. Joseph’s has kept its Promise to the west end for a long time. We’ve been here since 1921, when our health centre had just 25 beds. Today our health care teams continue to keep that same Promise of compassionate and expert care to our growing community of 500,000. We renew our Promise every day, every night, and with every single act of care.

From threading the tiniest suture to combatting the pandemic of a century, we’re proud of the emergency care we provide our community. Now we’re moving quickly to expand and improve our facility.

Our new Emergency Department will be the first built post-COVID-19, and the first to integrate all the learnings we’ve captured from the past challenging year. In addition to expanding it by almost twice its size, our new unit will support our innovative approach to emergency care and create a better patient experience than ever before.

Another century of Promise means another chapter in our story–and in yours. 


 A lot has changed in 100 years, except our St. Joe’s Promise.




Our Priority

It’s an Emergency!

Our Emergency is among the busiest in the GTA. It is the first place our neighbours go when they are experiencing a medical crisis. Last year, St. Joe’s had more than 100,000 visits. The challenge is we offer timely, excellent care in a space built for almost half the number of people who need us.   With donor support, we will almost double the size of our Emergency to build the first post COVID-19 Emergency Department to help us improve…

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