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Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary (HPB) Program

St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Unity Health Toronto, has one of the largest Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary programs in Canada. Right now, our team performs about 250 surgeries to remove cancer from these vital organs each year.



We are a centre of excellence for surgery of the biliary tract, in addition to being a major referral centre for difficult gallbladder surgeries. We are one of the few hospitals in Canada with a strong focus on minimally invasive surgery of the liver and pancreas. 

Dr. Shiva Jayaraman

Dr. Melanie Tsang

Research is a key focus of our HPB program. In addition to clinical research related to surgical practice, the HPB program research is at the forefront in the advancement of surgical technique with the aid of novel technologies, such as image-guided surgery, robotics, and the design and evaluation of novel surgical instruments. The HPB program is also leading improved surgical education deploying technology and simulation.


Pancreatic cancer and the implications of this disease is devastating. There is no way to be prepared for this. We are blessed with having high quality centres of excellence that offer superior care in line with best practices and are fortunate to have researchers and organizations dedicated to asking questions that will advance our understanding and the treatment of this disease.”

Dr. Shiva Jayaraman, Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgeon at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Unity Health Toronto Tweet

Recently, the HPB program added a research coordinator position. Researchers have protected time and resources needed to focus on investigative research and support our work to find new therapies and treatments. Strengthening our research program through the addition of a research coordinator supports the HPB program’s desire to create more collaborations on new and ground-breaking work. Leading to better care and life-saving results.


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