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It’s an Emergency!
Blurred stretcher in an emergency room

Our Emergency is among the busiest in the GTA. It is the first place our neighbours go when they are experiencing a medical crisis. Last year, St. Joe’s had more than 100,000 visits. The challenge is we offer timely, excellent care in a space built for almost half the number of people who need us.


With donor support, we will almost double the size of our Emergency to build the first post COVID-19 Emergency Department to help us improve care and keep our community even safer.


Emergency care for the future


Our new Emergency Department will expand dramatically, extending throughout the Gilgan Family Wing. It will even connect with our diagnostic imaging areas in ways that are better and faster for our patients. Our Children’s Emergency will also be separated from our main Emergency and it will have child-friendly touches like donors made possible in our CIBC Just for Kids Clinic.



What your gift can do


Your gift today will help build a new Emergency Department for St. Joe’s with new features to meet the health needs of patients and keep our community safe. Plans include:


  • Creating zones to separate people into COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 areas
  • Building dedicated, separate treatment areas by adding walls and partitions to ensure distancing
  • Designing separate waiting areas that limit people and are built for distancing
  • Building a new and improved Children’s Emergency with better separation in a space truly special for kids
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