St. Joe’s has been there for us when we’ve needed it.


Jim and Pam Gallagher made the west end home as newlyweds 45 years ago. They have seen the community grow and change. But one thing has remained—their support for St. Joseph’s Health Centre.



“We have always relied on St. Joe’s for emergency care. I remember a few difficult times when my mother was in Emergency. She was always treated kindly by the doctors and staff,” says Pam. “Most importantly, they maintained her dignity and kept her from suffering and being frightened.”



Jim and Pam are donors because they believe a community hospital is important for everyone. “We’re glad to invest in St. Joe’s for the next century,” says Jim. “Our message is this anniversary year is one of thanks to the healthcare workers and staff at St. Joe’s for all they have done. Let’s look to the future together and celebrate the next century of care.”

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