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Brothers Blake and Tyler give back
Lemonade stand boys_volunteer

Brothers Blake and Tyler know St. Joe’s very well. It’s where there are really great doctors who make them feel better, or as Tyler would tell you – help you walk again. “Tyler was very sick last year and it hurt him to walk. It was really scary not knowing what was wrong until a doctor at St. Joe’s quickly pinpointed it as a very bad flu,” says their mom Kristen Humphrey. “With an accurate diagnosis and the proper medical protocol to follow, he was back to being an active kid in no time. Now he remembers St. Joe’s as the hospital that helped him walk again.”

This spring, Blake and Tyler set up a lemonade stand to support their hospital. Together, they raised $50 by selling lemonade and chocolate chip cookies and their parents matched the donation. “I think the boys feel safe having St. Joe’s so close,” says Kristen. “They are already planning future lemonade and cookie stands for St. Joe’s.”

If you would like ideas, lawn signs or tips on how your children can help support St. Joe’s, please email mfoundation@stjoes.ca

Another option is to sign-up with EchoAge where your child can celebrate her or his birthday while raising money for St. Joe’s.

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