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Meet Our Campaign Co-Chairs

Victor Dodig, President & CEO, CIBC

St. Joseph’s is the heart of healthcare in the west-end. People don’t always realize how much they rely on it, but it’s always there for you.

I was born at St. Joe’s, my brother was born there, my father died there.

I’m really proud to be co-chairing the campaign because I’m passionate about St. Joe’s. Together, we’ll make sure St. Joe’s will always be here whenever we need it, for whatever we need.

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Brendan Shanahan, President, Toronto Maple Leafs

For nearly a century, St. Joe’s has helped make Toronto’s west-end a great place to live and grow. It’s always been there for my family and the whole community with compassionate care above and beyond the ordinary.

When St. Joe’s asked me to play a role that would improve not just my life, but the lives of people I grew up with, I really wanted to help

Now we can all make sure that St. Joe’s is the very best it can be by supporting ‘Promise, the campaign for St. Joseph’s, Toronto.’

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