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“My babies were born too early.”

“I always knew I’d give birth at St. Joe’s. I’ve lived in this community all my life and knowing St. Joe’s was just minutes away was reassuring – especially when I learned I was having twins,” says Jennifer Rodriguez. “That’s also when I learned that one had a growth deficit and would be born small.”

When Jennifer’s two beautiful daughters were born in May 2018, Harper was just over four pounds, but Stella just over two. They were six weeks early. “While I was released the next day, my babies had to stay in the Neonatal ICU for four weeks. St. Joe’s was my home for one month. I’d stay all day and go home in the evening,” says Jennifer. “Leaving them as night was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I knew they were in good hands – that’s what got me through.”

“The nurses cared for Harper and Stella with such compassion, like they were their own. This is what they do, it’s their job, but to a mother who can’t be here 24 hours a day, they are like stand-n parents giving these babies the nurturing they need in those early days.”

Jennifer says the Neonatal ICU was a comfortable and private space for their stay. “It was quiet and gave us the privacy we needed. I learned important mothering skills in those early days that gave me the confidence I needed when my babies came home. I’ll always remember and cherish my time at St. Joe’s.”

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