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People refer to St. Joe’s as their hospital, and it is their hospital

Kathleen O’Neil

Kathleen O’Neill is the former chair of St. Joseph’s Health Centre and of the foundation. She has been a longtime supporter, generous donor and member of St. Joe’s for more than 25 years. At one point my husband thought I liked the food at the hospital better than home because I was there so often,” she explains. “It’s just a great institution whose mission and dedication to the west-end  community at large was incredible, and remains incredible today.”

Kathleen cares for community and believes in St. Joe’s Promise which makes her a dedicated volunteer. It’s also that same passion that carried into her positions as the first female Chair of St. Joseph’s Health Centre, and the Foundation.  “I’ve seen many examples during my time at St. Joe’s where the organization not only stood out, but stood up during challenging times.”

As an honourary co-chair for Women Promise 100, being part of a group of strong women leaders excited her. as someone who exemplified true leadership throughout her career, awarded as one of Canada’s leading female executives, and success as a business leader, where she was awarder the Top 100 Canada’s Most Powerful Women Award for three consecutive years, we are fortunate to have her support in this endeavour to unite women.

“As we move forward we should all be conscious of the fact that women can do much, can lead and should lead. We should be doing everything we can to support them.” Involvement and loyalty to the community is integral to St. Joe’s Promise as we look onwards to the next 100 years of care and women’s leadership. “The Sisters of St. Joseph’s founded the hospital—that was built through strong women’s leadership,” she continues. “The community may change, but the needs will still be there.”  And so will strong women to lead us.

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