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New clinic to treat skin cancer, thanks to you

Your donations fund much-needed equipment

Your support is opening the only clinic in southwestern Ontario to treat skin cancer using Mohs micrographic surgery, the number one treatment choice because of its high cure rates. Donations from supporters like you are funding redevelopment work to transform a space into the new clinic and purchase the surgical equipment needed to treat patients.

The benefit of Mohs

“Mohs micrographic surgery utilizes a precise surgical technique that allows skin cancers to be removed entirely while preserving all of the surrounding healthy tissue,” says Dr. Erin Dahlke, a dermatologist leading the clinic.

Melissa Morey-Hollis, Program Director, Medicine and Seniors Program, says the new clinic is good news for patients who can’t travel and cannot wait up to 13 months for treatment. “We’re finally able to offer, close to home, this gold standard treatment care for the most common cancer in our community.”

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