“The heart-warming displays of encouragement and gratitude from our community help carry us through so many tough shifts.”

The Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre at St. Joe’s is like a second home for our neighbours who need dialysis treatment. “Staff and patients think of each other as family,” says Solita Crispin, the patient care manager. “When you are with someone three times a week—some up to six times—for 3-4 hours at a time, the bonds between all of us grow deep. In some cases, we’re the only family our patients know.”

Solita has worked at St. Joe’s for 17 years, with the last year being the toughest. “COVID-19 has us all scared, but we work through the uncertainty, and it’s the outpouring of encouragement from the community that gets us through.”

She is proud of our community and happy to celebrate St. Joe’s 100th anniversary. ““St. Joe’s embraces us for who we are, with different personalities and from different cultures. I hope that our diverse community remains confident in our health centre for the next 100 years that we’ll be here for them.” 

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