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St. Joe’s has taken very good care of me over the years
Thinnalur Ravishanka

Thinnalur Ravishankar, Ravi to his friends, came to Canada as a young man in 1968, He has received most of his medical care at St. Joe’s because of his connection to Dr. N. Ranganathan, who is now retired from St. Joe’s, a family friend who has become his family.

Ravi has supported St. Joe’s both to honour their 50+ year friendship and in memory of hist parents, Mr. Thinnalur & Mrs. Sivakamu Jayaraman.

“St. Joe’s has always been here for me,” he says. “Helping others, which I try to do, is a value instilled in me by my parents, and in that vein I am proud to support St.Joe’s so it can be here for another 100 years.”

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