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St. Joseph’s Health Centre Announces $1 Million Gift From CIBC To Expand Care For Kids


Patients, families, physicians and staff celebrated the official re-opening of the newly-renovated children’s floor including an expanded Just for Kids Clinic at St. Joseph’s Health Centre with some big news. A $1 million gift from CIBC will re-name the space, CIBC Just for Kids Clinic, the only paediatrician-run walk-in clinic inside a hospital in Toronto.

“CIBC has made an early leadership gift of $1 million to support our $70 million Promise Campaign. We’re delighted to name the CIBC Just for Kids to recognize their outstanding commitment to caring for kids in our community,” said Maria Dyck, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation. “Donor support has raised $1.5 million to improve our children’s floor and expand our walk-in clinic for kids. People like the Selke Family and the Front Street Capital Charitable Foundation, the R.P. Bratty Family Foundation, the Sprott Foundation, and Julia & Tamara’s Ladies’ Lunch are all supporters of this project because they care about our west-end community and meeting the health needs of children. Because of them, we’ve exceeded our goal and have kept a promise to build the best place to care for kids in our west-end community.”

The spacious and welcoming floor includes an improved reception and waiting area that improves the flow of the clinics, as well as a new children’s playground with interactive games. The vision behind the design was to bring in elements of the west-end community. “We didn’t want the space to feel like a sterile, clinical environment. We wanted it to be welcoming and feel like an extension of the neighbourhood,” said Dr. Eddy Lau, Chief of Paediatrics, St. Joseph’s Health Centre. “The design and the décor of the entire floor were inspired by the nature and animals of High Park, nearby waterways like Grenadier Pond and Lake Ontario – elements illustrated by award-winning local artists Sydney Smith and Mike Ellis.”

The gift from CIBC to support the Promise Campaign will name the CIBC Just for Kids Clinic, which now has four private examination rooms instead of two so paediatricians can see more children in a timely way. Last year, this beloved walk-in clinic had more than 12,000 visits – a number that continues to grow. CIBC’s commitment also supports the redevelopment of the Health Centre’s Paediatric Emergency Department. This is another key priority of the Promise Campaign, which will support many improvements throughout the Health Centre to keep our promise of continuing to find new ways to meet our patients’ needs.

“I am so pleased to help open the new CIBC Just for Kids Clinic that will provide expanded and innovative health care services to families and kids in the west-end community,” says Victor Dodig, CIBC President and CEO, and co-chair of St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation Promise campaign. “I have a long history with the amazing work done by St. Joe’s – a history that dates back to the day I was born here. With a focus on Kids, Cures and Community, I am honoured to present this gift on behalf of CIBC that will continue our commitment to put the needs of children first.”

“We recognize that the spaces we provide care in have a profound impact on the experience our patients have with us,” said Elizabeth Buller, President and CEO, St. Joseph’s Health Centre. “Our vision is to advance the health of our community by being Canada’s best community teaching health centre. One of the ways we are doing this is by continually improving our buildings and spaces to create more comfortable, welcoming environments to receive great care.”

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