West End Heroes Town Hall Series

We have been thrilled to host our West End Heroes Town Hall Meetings over the past several weeks. These virtual sessions provide us with a way to connect with you in a different way, to provide trusted, first-hand information during this uncertain time at home while our heroes battle COVID-19 on the frontlines.

COVID-19 continues to change the way we experience our lives, being separated from loved ones, staying isolated at home, and for many, not venturing out of their homes even when they experience urgent medical crisis’. Even though we live in this new ‘abnormal,’ it doesn’t mean that people have stopped requiring assistance for their medical conditions.

Our next Town Hall meeting on Thursday May 14th at 5 p.m. will feature two of our St. Joe’s doctors, Cardiologist, Dr. Peter Mitoff and Emergency Physician, Dr. Mark Unger. In this session, they will discuss people’s fear of coming to the health centre and why it is so important–and safe–to seek treatment for any conditions outside of COVID-19 that you experience.

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To listen to our past Town Hall meetings, you can find our recordings here.

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