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West End Warriors’ Town Hall Series

We have been thrilled to host our West End Warriors’ Town Hall Meetings over the past several weeks. These virtual sessions provide us with a way to connect with you in a different way, to provide trusted, first-hand information during this uncertain time at home while our heroes battle COVID-19 on the frontlines.

Since COVID-19 began, it has affected our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We rely so much on digital technology now to socialize, work out, even visit our loved ones and friends—it allows us to feel connected although physically distanced.

Our next session will be held on Thursday July 9th at 5 P.M.

You’re Not on Mute: Communicating more effectively in these challenging times.

If you have been using Zoom frequently, the term, “you’re muted,” is now part of your daily vocabulary.

We know COVID-19 is here for the immediate future—possibly longer—and it reminds us of the importance information and communication technology has in our lives. So we’ve focused our latest West End Warrior Town Hall Meeting on digital technology and how to use it as effectively as you can.

In our recent special session called You’re Not on Mute: Communicating more effectively in these challenging times, two neighbours and experts helped us learn more about keeping in touch with those who matter in our lives.

Michael Johnston, President and Founder of HJC, is a global expert on the use of digital tools, and Joel Johnson is our Foundation’s digital communications officer, a social media and communications expert. Together, they discussed the use of digital platforms such as Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—even TikTok— and spoke about the role these technologies play in providing us with trusted information, as well as misinformation in the media during this time.

Listen to a recording or our last Town Hall:

Your Life. Your Legacy. Plan to Make it Right.

On us Thursday, June 18th, special guests, Maria Rugg, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist Palliative Care for St. Joseph’s Health Centre/Unity Health Toronto, and Ed Olkovich, Toronto west-end lawyer and certified specialist in estates and trusts law joined us for a discussion to help better understand how to share and document your wishes for the future, for your health, and for your legacy.

Maria Rugg offered some valuable resources on planning for your future health. Access Be Prepared and Living Well, Planning Well.

Ed Olkovich has offered a copy of his PDF, “How to Avoid the Worst Financial Blunder You Can Make When Preparing Your Will. Access the PDF for preparing your legacy here without leaving your email.

You can also connect to Ed by clicking this link.


Listen to our latest and past Town Hall meetings:
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