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Wally’s Story
Exterior of hospital at the Melynk entrance


Wally Horodnyk says people like Dr. Anthony McLean were put on this earth to save lives. Wally was one of them.

“When I found out I had prostate cancer, everything stopped. I was so scared,” he says. “Dr. McLean saved my life. He, and everyone at St. Joe’s, were so kind. I am so grateful.” Wally grew up in the west-end and came to St. Joe’s for regular care. His three grandchildren were was born here, and his father passed away at St. Joe’s.

“This hospital has always been a part of my life, but since I’ve recovered from prostate surgery, I’ve taken the time to reflect on how much it means to me. Everyone made me feel better when I was here – the doctors and nurses, all of the preadmission staff, and the lovely gentleman who would bring my food and stop to chat.”

Now, Wally is cancer-free and giving back to help others. He and his wife Christine made a gift to say thank you to Dr. McLean and the Urology team through the St. Joe’s Circle Program.

“We wanted to recognize them for their care and ensure our donation goes to where it is needed most,” says Wally. “I figure if I give now, maybe I can help the person behind me.”

If you’ve received care at St. Joe’s and would like to express your thanks, you can make a Circle donation in honour of your caregivers at supportstjoes.ca/thank-your-caregiver or call 416-530-6704.

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