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West End Warriors

This is an extraordinary time. We’re waging a war and the enemy we’re battling is COVID–19. In other times of crisis people came together to offer each other support but in this fight we have to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbours by remaining apart.

And yet there are people who do the opposite. They leave the safety of their homes and come together to care for those who are ill. These are St. Joe’s care providers, the heroes on the frontlines of this fight.

Our doctors, nurses and other health care workers are our neighbours. Many of them live in our community.  We see them at the gym or playground, grocery shopping or walking our dogs.

They need and deserve our support.

We’ve created a special group of westenders to help. We’re calling them our West End Warriors, leaders supporting those on the frontlines at St. Joe’s. I’ve joined and I hope you will too.

St. Joe’s is the epicentre of the fight in the west end. They have opened a COVID Assessment Centre and quickly expanded intensive care units from 20 beds to 50 beds. They’ve created other COVID areas on our inpatient units, in our emergency and mental health areas to keep our patients as safe as possible

St. Joe’s is buying beds, purchasing new ventilators and portable x-ray machines and other equipment to get new ICU spaces ready immediately and deliver needed care. They’re reaching out to long term care providers to share expertise and support as they battle COVID in their facilities.

Doctors are getting new online tools to deliver care for patients electronically. Television services are being provided for free and tablet purchased so patients can communicate with loved ones. These improvements are urgently needed now and will have a long term and lasting benefit for the hospital.

Everyone is working round the clock at St. Joe’s and the list of what’s needed keeps growing. 

As a proud westenders we are hoping you will lend a hand. COVID-19 has hit everyone hard but there’s never been a need like now and we hope you’ll find a way to give your generous support. Join this movement by becoming a West End Warrior.


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