St. Joe’s has led the way for over 100 years.

It’s a place in the west end of Toronto built on a foundation of care.

Our journey in community healthcare began with the Sisters of St. Joseph, a group of remarkable trailblazers driven by compassion and faith. In 1921, they laid the cornerstone of our hospital and nursing school with just 25 beds. But their vision didn’t stop there.

With each passing decade, they responded to the growing needs of our neighborhood, expanding services and pioneering new approaches to care. By 1949, they had a dedicated pediatrics department, and by 1962, they were leading Toronto with the first intensive care unit.

Today, as we celebrate over a century of healing and hope, St. Joe’s stands as a beacon of resilience and compassion, with over 400 beds serving our community. The legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph lives on in every life we touch, reminding us that through dedication and compassion, we can make a difference that spans generations.


Since our founding, St. Joe's, its people, and donors, have been at the vanguard of healthcare in Canada

No matter what obstacles St. Joe’s has faced, together with our donors we have always found a way to provide compassionate and expert care for the body, mind, and soul.


Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History
Our History

Opened our doors to help children orphaned by the Irish Potato Famine.


Became the first specialized paediatrics department (Just for Kids Clinic) in Toronto, separate from the Hospital for Sick Children.


Created Toronto’s first intensive care unit.


Opened Ontario’s first detoxification unit.


Performed the first-ever lung reduction surgery to treat emphysema.


The first Ontario hospital to grant privileges to midwives to perform in-hospital deliveries.


Opened Toronto’s first Children and Adolescent Mental Health Unit to provide specialized care to children and youth suffering from mental illnesses.


Formed Unity Health Toronto, a network bringing together St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, and Providence Healthcare.


Created the first-of-its-kind RBC Mental Health Short Stay and Transitional Age Youth Unit for young adults between the ages of 19 and 26.


Set a new standard for palliative care opening The Lake House Palliative Care Centre with lake views and family gathering spaces.

Unity Health Map
St. Joe’s is a proud member of Unity Health Toronto

In 2017, Unity Health Toronto was created, bringing together St. Joseph’s Health Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital, and Providence Healthcare — a first-of-its-kind network dedicated to delivering the best care experiences created together.

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$1 billion dollar investment for better care for our community

The Ontario government is investing more than $1 billion to redevelop and expand St. Joseph’s Health Centre, supporting a new state-of-the-art patient care tower to improve health care in west-end Toronto.

“This announcement represents a major milestone in our century-long legacy at St. Joseph’s,” said Dr. Tim Rutledge, President and CEO of Unity Health Toronto. “This historic investment will help us provide high-quality care in modern spaces equipped with the latest technology and more private rooms.”

An extraordinary St. Joe’s starts with an extraordinary you.

We are grateful to our tight-knit donor community for their dedicated support through the years.

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For each and every person who works, heals, learns, volunteers and donates here, extraordinary is what we do every single day.


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We need donor support to provide the best case experiences. Join our donor community and make a difference that spans generations.

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Explore Legacy Giving Options

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