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Did you know? While the government funds many aspects of a patient’s hospital experience, your support helps us build new spaces, modernize facilities and buy new equipment.

Together with our neighbours, St. Joe’s promises to meet the specific health care needs of our west-end community. We’ll be here to provide the best possible health care for you, your family and your neighbours.


With 100,000+ annual visits, St. Joe’s has one of the busiest Emergency departments in Toronto.

Mental Health

Toronto’s west end has among the highest concentration of people with mental illness in Toronto.

Caring for Children

Children came to St. Joe’s over 60,000 times last year and almost 3,300 babies were born here.


There are over 260,000 visits annually to St. Joe’s ambulatory care clinics.
Your donations make a difference. Join your neighbours in helping St. Joe’s provide the best health care possible for Toronto’s west-end community.


When you need emergency care in Toronto’s west end, chances are you’ll come to St. Joe’s. St. Joseph’s Health Centre has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Toronto.
Every year, we receive over 100,000 emergency visits, but our Emergency Department was built to handle only 65,000. You can help St. Joe’s modernize the Emergency Department so that patients receive care in a space that is more comfortable, private and safe from infections. Updating the Emergency Department is St. Joe’s highest priority. But we need your help.

Birthing, Children's and Family Health

St. Joseph’s Health Centre has a long history of caring for children and families. It’s not uncommon to have three generations of St. Joe’s babies in our community!
The CIBC Just for Kids Clinic is Toronto’s first and only paediatric walk-in clinic in a hospital. And St. Joe’s has one of the four Neonatal Intensive Care Units in the GTA. With over 60,000 visits from children annually, the demands for improved facilities, new equipment and more advanced technology are ongoing.

Cancer Care

You probably know a woman who has faced breast cancer. The process from screening to diagnosis to getting treatment can take up to 10 weeks and be very stressful.

Now thanks to donor support, women in our west-end community will receive their test results, see a specialist and leave with a treatment plan (if they need one), all in one space in as little as one day.

The new Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation for Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment drastically improves patient care, thanks yo your support.

Helping those with Mental Health Issues

Toronto’s west-end community has the highest concentration of people with mental illness in Toronto.
The new Mental Health Emergency Services Unit is a vast improvement over the previous space and is a model of care we want to extend to all facets of mental health services. Government funding won’t cover all the needs, so we’re asking neighbours like you for help.

Dialysis and Renal

Imagine needing to go to the hospital for life-saving treatment, twice a week, up to four hours at a time, for the rest of your life.
This is the situation for many of the 900 patients who come to St. Joe’s for dialysis. Generous donors provided funding for the bright, modern Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre where patients now receive care in a bright, comfortable space.

Fracture and Orthopedic Care

Consultation, fracture management and surgical follow-up care for all age groups.

Our care team of orthopedic surgeons, medical residents, orthopedic technologists and nurses work together to provide safe, patient-centred care.

Palliative Care

The Lake House Palliative Care Centre is now open thanks to support from our generous donors.

Soon patients at the end of life will have a beautiful new space with views over the lake where friends and family are welcomed.

Heart Health

Every year 9,000 patients come to St. Joe’s for heart-related problems.

St. Joe’s cardiology department treats patients staying at the hospital (inpatients) and has an outpatient cardiology clinic where people come to get tested and diagnosed.

Eye Health

You can help fund equipment to save a person’s sight.

Your donation can help purchase vital equipment such as an Optical Coherence Tomography machine that detects the first signs of glaucoma and save someone’s sight.

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St. Joe's is here for our neighbours, now and into the next century. I'm proud to be a part of the legacy created 100 years ago by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Maria Dyck, President and CEO,
St. Joseph's Health Centre Foundation

Maria Dyck, President and CEO,
St. Joseph's Health Centre Foundation

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