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A promise is one of the most important commitments we make. We do our best to keep our promises.

No matter what.

Almost 100 years ago, the Sisters of St. Joseph founded St. Joe’s and made a promise to look after our community’s health needs. We’ve been keeping the promise ever since. Our promise is one we share with you – our community. Especially in trying times, we need to count on each other.

This is something westenders know all about. We’ve rallied together before to support St. Joe’s. Now we need your help again, more than ever.  We are moving from the crisis phase of the pandemic into living with COVID-19. We’re hoping you’ll join us by becoming a West End Warrior – someone who is standing with our health care providers to help protect the health of our west-end neighbours.


Stand with St. Joe’s and show your west end pride by becoming a West End Warrior today.



Our Priority

It’s an Emergency!

Our Emergency is among the busiest in the GTA. It is the first place our neighbours go when they are experiencing a medical crisis. Last year, St. Joe’s had more than 100,000 visits. The challenge is we offer timely, excellent care in a space built for almost half the number of people who need us.   With donor support, we will almost double the size of our Emergency to build the first post COVID-19 Emergency Department to help us improve…

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