Sassan’s bike ride in support of St. Joe’s

Support Sassan Chen’s Ride to Raise Funds for St. Joseph’s Health Centre!

Sassan Chen, a 14-year-old student at RSGC in Toronto, will be embarking on an incredible adventure on July 27, 2024. Alongside his father, Sassan will bike over 120 km from Toronto to Niagara Falls to raise funds for St. Joseph’s emergency department.

Why He’s Riding

St. Joseph’s emergency department provides life-saving care to countless people in our community, including Sassan’s family. His brother and he received excellent care here for sports-related injuries, and recently, his grandmother experienced amazing care here at St. Joe’s. Sassan is committed to giving back and supporting the incredible work of our health care providers.

The Ride

On July 27, 2024, Sassan and his dad will embark on a challenging two-day journey from Toronto to Niagara Falls. They are training hard and determined to reach their goal, expecting to face headwinds, hills, and sore muscles along the way!

You can support Sassan’s efforts to raise $2,500 for St. Joseph’s emergency department. This money will provide support for patients in their time of need. Your donation, no matter the amount, will support in creating the best healthcare possible in our community.