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St. Joe’s ER is where our community turns to when they are in need.

Alice Smolen has been an Emergency Nurse at St. Joe’s for 31 years. In that time, she has seen the west end community grow, and with that, the increase in visitors seeking care come through the Emergency Room Door.

“The ER is St. Joe’s front door to our community,” Alice discussed. “It’s where our community turns to when they are in need—whether their cases are high in acuity, such as a heart attack, or even if they need social assistance and don’t have anywhere else to turn. We have the resources to help everyone.”

Every year, St. Joe’s Emergency receives more than 100,000 visits, but it is only built for 60,000. Building a new ER that is almost double in size and has new areas allows nurses, like Alice, to treat those who seek help more easily and quickly.

“As a nurse, I care for this community. Over the years, I have come to know so many who come to St. Joe’s for help,” Alice explains. “Whether it’s their first time in the ER, or if I’ve met them frequently over the years, I know that when they leave our hospital, they have received great care and are grateful for the work we do.”

This Week is #NationalNursesWeek and we celebrate the courage and commitment our St. Joe’s nurses demonstrate every day. Thank you for keeping the Promise to our west-end community made by the Sisters of St. Joseph 100 years ago.

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