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Palliative Care Centre

In Canada, most people die due to an advanced chronic disease. These illnesses include cancer, heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney failure and Alzheimer’s disease.

Of these, most are cancer patients. The disease course may run over many years – requiring extended care and support from family members and health care professionals.

Despite this need only 16-30% of Canadians have access to formal palliative care and support appropriate to their needs.

Today, St. Joseph’s Health Centre cares for palliative patients throughout the Health Centre – we don’t have a dedicated area to meet the specific needs of these patients or their families.

Creating a caring environment for patients and families

Thanks to donors, our neighbours who are facing the end of life will soon be cared for in a private, calming space at St. Joseph’s designed to provide comfort and solace. St. Joe’s is opening the Lake House Palliative Care Centre in 2020.

The new Centre will provide compassionate care for both patients staying at the hospital and those who wish to stay at home.

The inpatient space offers beautiful views of Lake Ontario and will have comfortable furnishings to make people feel more like they are at home rather than a hospital. There will be ten large private rooms, a library, kitchen, activities room, and spaces for loved ones to visit.

Patients that don’t require hospitalization but need their symptoms managed regularly can come to the outpatient clinic for pain and symptom management, and avoid the stressful environment of the Emergency Department.

Thank you to Hans Koehle for his $11.6 million gift that will help fund the Lake House Palliative Care Centre and several other priorities at St. Joe’s. A special thank you also goes to The Archdiocese of Toronto, Moray and Joanne Tawse, and many other donors for their generous support.

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