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Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre

An increasing number of people in our west-end community need dialysis care. Many of our neighbours come to St. Joe’s over 150 times each year, for up to four hours at a time, for dialysis in a unit originally built for six, but is treating 12 at the same time.

Thanks to the support of the government and Salah Bachir, a resident of the west-end and St. Joe’s dialysis patient, we are able to keep the promise of better care for dialysis patients with the building of the new Bachir Yerex Family Dialysis Centre. This expanded centre will treat up to 24 patients at a time (double what we have now), and will include four isolation rooms, private areas for patients, families, staff, and physicians, as well as large windows for natural light. At the same time, the funds raised for this project will support critical equipment needs for our Community Renal Centre on Islington Avenue.

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