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Birthing, Children’s and Family Health

St. Joseph’s promises to meet the health care needs of children in Toronto’s West End

Children often become ill quickly. Parents living in Toronto’s west-end community should feel reassured knowing that St. Joseph’s is just minutes away.

Parents have options when they come to St. Joe’s:

  • The CIBC Just for Kids Clinic is open seven days a week. It’s Toronto’s first and only paediatric walk-in clinic in a hospital and is staffed by St. Joe’s paediatricians.

  • For urgent needs, St. Joe’s Emergency has a dedicated area for children. We have specialized in-hospital care for children including a dedicated surgical unit. Our 12-bed Paediatric Inpatient Unit provides safe and compassionate care to children from infancy to their 18th birthday.

  • Paediatric Consulatation Clinic

  • Our Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health program includes a six-bed inpatient unit, an outpatient day hospital, an urgent care clinic, an outpatient addictions consultation clinic and a father’s mental health service.

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unity (NICU)

  • Neonatal Follow-up Clinic

Newborn baby in blanket
mother holding baby

Where our tiniest babies get their best start in life

Over 200,000 babies have been born at St. Joe’s over the years. Our Family Birthing Centre includes a Level 2B Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that cares for pre-term infants as early as 30 weeks gestation or more. About 200 babies are cared for in this unit every year.

What’s unique about this Unit is the focus on preparing new parents to take their babies home. The space includes transitional rooms where parents can learn to bathe and feed their baby on their own with a nurse nearby. Our aim is to ensure parents feel confident leaving St. Joe’s with their new bundle of joy.

You can help children receive the best healthcare possible

Our commitment to children means equipping our professionals with the tools and spaces they need to provide children with the best healthcare possible.  Government funding doesn’t always cover equipment or renovations to make our spaces more child-friendly. Your donation today can help St. Joe’s continue to meet the healthcare needs of children in our community.

New specialty high-risk pregnancy clinic

This enhanced clinic, led by Dr. Marie Buitendyk, provides an essential service to patients with high-risk pregnancies. Thanks to you, the clinic has a new ultrasound machine to monitor mom’s condition. It’s wonderful to offer a one-stop unit for mothers at higher risk in our community.

Thanks to our donors

CIBC Just for Kids Clinic – fully funded by donors

Sandy’s Dream outdoor playground – fully funded by donors

Transport incubator – fully funded by donors

Specialty Pregnancy Clinic – fully funded by donors

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