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The Geoffrey H. Wood Centre of Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment
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New technology leads to better outcomes

It’s estimated that every year 9,500 women in Ontario are diagnosed with breast cancer making it the most common cancer affecting Canadian women.

A Leader in Breast Imaging

St. Joseph’s Health Centre is a leader in breast imaging, with thousands of women coming here to receive mammograms.

Currently, women need to go to one area for breast imaging and a separate area of the hospital for a biopsy. The time between a getting mammogram and receiving a treatment plan is roughly six to nine weeks

New technology leads to better outcomes

Some cancers are known as “tomo-only” because they’re missed in 2D imaging and wouldn’t be found until years later. Donors have funded a mammography machine that uses breast tomosynthesis, the latest innovation in breast cancer screening. This technology can detect invasive cancers early so that treatment can begin sooner, leading to better outcomes for women.

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer. You or a loved one may have experienced

Thanks to donors, St. Joe’s will soon open the new Geoffrey H. Wood Centre of Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment. At the new Breast Centre, women will get screened, receive a diagnosis and a treatment plan (if they need one) in one location, often in as little as one day.

“My patients tell me time and time again…it’s the waiting that is hardest. Every woman who has a mammogram knows we are looking for one thing and one thing only…and that’s breast cancer….so when she receives that phone call that we need to see her again it creates tremendous uncertainty and anxiety.”



Dr. Andrea Miller, Director of Breast Imaging at St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Dr Andrea Miller

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Your help is still needed

Construction is underway and the new space scheduled to open in 2020. Your support is still needed to help build and equip new areas like a dedicated biopsy room, patient education room, and private waiting area with secure lockers and comfortable seating. Your donation today can help the women in your life receive better care for breast cancer.

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