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Gift for kids means play time at St. Joe’s

Good news for parents bringing their children to St. Joe’s. Thanks to donor support, there’s now a playground called Sandy’s Dream that will help make the trip to hospital less stressful for kids.

“We want to minimize any anxiety kids feel when they come for care,” says Dr. Eddy Lau, a paediatrician and interim Chief Medical Officer. “Generous donors created the child-friendly CIBC Just for Kids Clinic and paediatric waiting area for all the clinics in the department. Now we have an outdoor space that is just as welcoming for youngsters.”

Sandy’s Dream Garden is possible because long-time supporter Sandra Belvedere wanted to do something special for families coming to St. Joe’s. The new playground includes a wooden train named in tribute to her grand-daughter Melissa.

The playground is a hit with both patients and kids in the neighbourhood. Ethan and Singh come to St. Joe’s Asthma and CIBC Just for Kids Clinic for care. Their mom says now their visits are something to look forward to. “We arrived early for an appointment so the playground was perfect for two boys with lots of energy.”

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