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“I always knew this is where I needed to be.”

When Dr. Eddy Lau is not at St. Joe’s, he is just a few blocks away from the hospital. “I have two daughters who have both received care St. Joe’s—so this place means a lot to me.”

Dr. Lau is a paediatrician who came to St. Joe’s more than 20 years ago. “I worked at three different hospitals before I chose to come here,” he says. “St. Joe’s is a great community hospital with a small-town feel, yet it is very academic and specializes in many areas—caring for kids being one of them. We can treat 95% of all paediatric conditions right here. As a parent in the neighbourhood, that’s comforting to know because when your child is sick, you want them close to home.”

The 100-year history of St. Joe’s means something for Dr. Lau. “We get to care for children from the time they are born and see them grow up. Now we are celebrating 100 years of care—imagine how many lives started right here in this hospital? I can tell you the most rewarding thing is seeing a child get better. That’s the best thing about my job.”

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