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Garrons donate $10 million to fund a dramatic boost for MRI testing

Hospitals depend on MRIs

On July 11, St. Joe’s announced a $10 million donation from Myron and Berna Garron to fund two new MRI machines. This will replace St. Joe’s current MRI with the latest model and add another to double the number of tests performed each year. “So many hospital visits begin with lab work and imaging – it’s the heart of the patient experience. Without comprehensive and detailed imaging of where the problems might be, treatment is bound to be compromised. We have made it one of our missions to support imaging of all sorts at hospitals in the GTA.”

Addressing a critical need at St. Joe’s

St. Joe’s is a very busy imaging centre.  Last year, the hospital performed over 182,000 imaging tests – a number that will continue to increase as our community grows and our neighbours age. MRI in particular is one area that has had increased demand. Currently, we have one machine that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and it’s still a challenge to keep up with our patient needs.

“You can imagine what this means for patients,” says Dr. Tim Rutledge, President and CEO of the Health Network. “If you or a loved one has ever had a concern that required imaging, you know that waiting can sometimes be the most painful thing of all.”

Diagnostic Imaging is often called the backbone of a hospital.

Because today we have the ability to use imaging technology to pinpoint disease and injury with great accuracy.  The vital information that imaging provides helps health professionals determine the right treatment.

Chief of Diagnostic Imaging Dr. Tara Williams says St. Joe’s has eight areas that use different imaging technology. “Imaging technology does different things so each test is based on the need of the patient, whether it’s to scan for possible breast cancer, detect a stroke or diagnose an injury.” For example, while a CT scan pinpoints a lot of detail to provide an accurate diagnosis, there are times when an MRI is needed to detect small indications of something more. MRIs can accurately detect early strokes, tumours, muscle, tendon and ligament problems, and many other diagnoses, in shorter scan times.

“The need for MRI is so great,” says Dr. Williams. “This gift is significant because it helps us keep up with the demand so we can provide even better care for our community.”

 Thanks to our community

There are many exciting changes taking place at St. Joseph’s Health Centre thanks to support from our west-end neighbours. Without support from the community, new spaces like our Dialysis Centre and Breast Centre simply wouldn’t be possible. You can be part of these advancements by donating today. You can help St. Joe’s build a much-need new Emergency Department.



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