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How do you thank the person who saved your life?

“He saved my life that night.”

Haley Camacho-Funk says she will never forget that weekend back in November 2020 when her health went downhill fast. She had intense chills and couldn’t find a way to warm up. 

A doctor at a walk-in clinic told her to get to the hospital right away, so she headed straight to St. Joe’s. “Dominique Nguyen, one of the nurses in the Emergency Department, realized I was septic,” she says. “Within minutes, two doctors were explaining that how severe sepsis can be: your organs can start to fail. But as scary as it was, I knew I was in great hands with the team at St. Joe’s.” 

Haley spent a week at St. Joe’s, but doesn’t know if she would have made it through the night if it wasn’t for Dom. “He saved my life.” 

To thank Dom for his care, Haley has made a donation through the St. Joe’s Circle Program – it’s a great way to ensure your care provider is publicly recognized for making a difference in your life.


You can also honour someone at St. Joe’s and support care at the same time.

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