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Joseph’s Story

Joseph says St. Joe’s saved his life by going the extra mile.

“During my second round of endocarditis, I began experiencing some issues with my bowel movements. Worried that it was something more than a reaction to my treatment, my wife urged me to have a colonoscopy screening. Little did I know, this decision saved my life.”

Joseph is grateful for the compassion and dedication displayed by Dr. Ian Bookman during his screening.

“As suspected, my colonoscopy initially revealed rectal irritation as a result of my antibiotics. While my colonoscopy was booked only to investigate my symptoms, this answer didn’t stop Dr. Bookman from ensuring all risks were off the table. I am so grateful for his dedication; if Dr. Bookman didn’t look beyond the initial solution, he wouldn’t have discovered the cancer spreading in my colon. Within a week I was booked for surgery, and as of 2010 I am colon cancer free. I am so thankful to Dr. Bookman, Dr. Smith, and all the nurses, staff, and technicians for the unbelievable care and compassion they continue to provide to not only me, but each patient that walks through the doors of St. Joe’s each day.”

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