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Purchase a St. Joe’s mask to support our frontline heroes

Show your west-end pride and purchase your own mask to support St. Joe’s.


Purchase Your Mask Today

There are three masks you can choose from that have been approved by our infectious disease experts:

  1. Yellow flowers – Artwork provided by local artist, neighbour and supporter Jacob Yerex. These yellow flowers are full of colour.
  1. Toronto Fine Art Fashion Graphic Mask – Christina Sideris designed this mask to celebrate the St. Joe’s community and its wonderful heritage. She fully donated this art piece to help raise money for St.Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation. 
  1. Polka Dot West End Warrior – This fun polka-dot mask celebrates your support for St. Joe’s as a West End Warrior.

By purchasing either mask, you are helping our doctors, nurses and staff continue to keep our Promise to meet the health needs of our west-end community.

Please note: These masks are not for medical use but rather for when someone must be near others for essential reasons such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, etc. It is also advisable to wash this mask before using, as well as after every wear. When wearing, make sure the mask is snug around your face with no gaps (the wire in the nose area will help ensure the mask fits snuggly) and try to avoid touching your face. It’s important to know that these reusable masks are not intended to be a replacement for N95 or medical grade PPE.

Purchase Your Mask Today

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